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Your format is delightful; so much less self-adoration than my vehicle's Sirius radio promos. I realize KEOM is an educational format station. But your programming AND no-hype format are BOTH providing a much-needed and desired type of station. You're a rarity. Good going! "   -G. Hunicutt - Seattle, WA.

Thank you so much for offering this station to us. I absolutely love everything about it. The programming on air makes my life happy. I sincerely appreciate all that you and the district, teachers and students do. If I can ever help KEOM in any way, please don't hesitate. I'm a DFW police officer and I listen every day. Thanks again! "   -Jim W.

"I Moved nearly two years ago to Romeo MI. I am so happy to hear KEOM online, all day at the office!!"   -Julie O.

"It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge my sincere thanks for your outstanding programing, yesterday on 9/11/2016.  I thought each segment was heartfelt and respectful.  The sounds of patriotism was abounding! As a former Mesquite resident I was bursting with pride and happy for radio KEOM!"     -Cindy E.

" I just discovered your station through the article in Radio. I've only been listening for about 45 minutes but I'm very impressed with what I hear! I had my start in radio back in the 1970s. Today, I keep my hand in radio doing traffic in NYC on 1010 WINS. I also do some voiceover work on transit systems in the NYC area. I wish I had such an excellent place to learn the business when I was in high school. Congratulations on being featured and all the best as you show the professional broadcasters how to do local, community-oriented radio. "          - Bernie W.

"Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE this radio station!!!! Please continue the AWESOME music!!! Greatest station in TEXAS!!!!! Thank you to everyone at the station!!!!"         -Heather H.

"You don't know me but I just wanted to let you know I love the music you play! I grew up with that music as well.  when I was serving in different parts of the country and world that music would give me comfort. When I hear it playing on your station it gives me comfort and makes me smile! Thank You and keep up the great work! Fan as long as you're there!"      - Karen G

"I found your radio station using an app on my Android phone. I am obssessed with your station! I LOVE IT!!! Please never change a thing!!! As a side note, I lived in the Metroplex from 1992-2001, so this is like having a small piece of TX with me all day. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every single day!! Be Blessed"          - Tina T.

Hello everybody! This is Roger, from Brazil! I'm an English teacher here and love the songs you play there!  I'm listening to KEOM live! Congrats for the programming!           - Roger C. from Brazil

"LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!! Such a WONDERFUL station and program. Thank you for all you do. I've been listening for a few years now. I love and look forward to all the weekday daily tidbits (space, food, fitness, community events, etc) AND the 7:00a Star Spangled Banner! I absolutely appreciate the music, the decades covered and genres, and that there are no super saturated fluffy marketing and paid mass advertising. I also appreciate and love that this station is so peaceful to listen to in the morning instead of all the non-sensical gabbing that the "bigger" stations do. You all have saved me from driving over the cliff in the mornings! :) Thank you again! "           -  Jess Chavez B.

Facebook Post:  " I think this is awesome - this station in Mesquite TX gives students within the Mesquite ISD a chance to get into the world of broadcasting.  You know one thing?  It would be nice if EVERY school district had something like this.  This station, KEOM 88.5 FM, plays some awesome music too.  if you know anybody in school who wants to get into broadcasting like I once did, by all means, get them involved.  Even those who could be the next Bill Mercer, Verne Lundquist, Ron Chapman, Tracy Rowlett, Marc Lowrance, Brad Sham, Jerry Haynes, and so on."  - Rob D. 

"Our baby was born at Presby and they were playing KEOM during the delivery that morning. Baby was born at 5:09 a.m. on 8-2-13. I think it was The Commodores or Lionel Ritchie playing. We wanted to know the song so we can tell our daughter. I listen to your station all the time. This will be the second child now to grow up listening to your station.  Thank-you very much!"           - Todd R.

"I absolutely love this station!  A wonderful mix of the 60s, 70s, & 80s.  I listen to it everywhere I go, including work."           - Sandra Sue H., Topeka, KS

"My son lives in Mesquite and your station gives me the power to feel closer to him. Thank you guys"     -Hector

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